November Artist of the Month: Andrea Sitton

Andrea is a local artist who lives in Independence. She creates beautiful art with alcohol inks as well as watercolor. Her alcohol inks classes are something you definitely don't want to miss! Please enjoy her featured artist interview.

Andrea is a local artist who lives in Independence. She creates beautiful art with alcohol inks as well as watercolor. Her alcohol inks classes are something you definitely don't want to miss! Please enjoy her featured artist interview.

What is your favorite piece of yours and why? My favorite painting was titled “Peaceful Garden”. This was an alcohol ink painting using all 7 colors of the rainbow. It represented God’s love for all people. My paintings don’t have to represent or have meaning to other people, only to me.


How did you get started using alcohol inks? During a time of major health issues, a friend from Texas encouraged me to get back into creativity and painting by coloring with felt markers in coloring books for adults. I would sit for hours and color. It would help reduce pain levels (or at least help me to forget about the pain.) The medical community is finding this to be very helpful for pain reduction/mood improvement, and from my experience I certainly encourage that. As my health improved, she gave me a set of alcohol inks and life has never been the same! That was the beginning of my love affair with the alcohol inks. I encourage everyone to try them, to just enjoy the brilliant colors and shapes, allowing the colored inks to go where they want to. It is a surprise and a “letting go” of control. Beautiful things can happen.

 What types of art did you do before alcohol inks and what others do you do now? I started painting in the 60’s with an instructor in oil painting & continued for several years before changing to acrylic paints. From there I launched into watercolor. I was painting with acrylics and watercolors when I discovered alcohol inks about 2 years ago. I am still painting with my acrylics, creating abstract works. At some point I will also get back to watercolor. I enjoy them all; there just aren’t enough hours in the day. 


What most inspires your art? It is feelings, nature, color and light. It is a feeling for certain colors at certain times.  Sometimes during the night I think of colors that I want to use and combine. Picasso said “All art is a self-portrait”.

How do you decide what you're going to paint? Is it the same process for alcohol inks as it is for other media? I am more of an intuitive painter. Painting is a creative expression of my feelings which I transfer to the paper/canvas in forms of color and design. I also listen to music and it varies on my mood what I choose. My pattern doesn’t seem to change with the medium I am using.

Who is your favorite artist and why? Monet without question. He was a leading artist in the Impressionist’s movement, and was concerned with capturing light and natural forms. Monet wanted his paintings to serve as a “home of peaceful meditation”, soothing and calming people. He lived and painted in Giverny, France and I was there in the ‘80’s. It made a huge impact on my feelings about my art work.  He was famous for his waterlily paintings, done from the pond in his beautiful garden with a Japanese-style bridge over the pond. I can still remember standing on that bridge and “feeling” all the beauty of his gardens.


What is your favorite part about being a member of Eclectix Art Gallery? Originally it was having a gallery to show my art and share with the community. NOW, it is also about having a new family: the other artists. We care about and value each other, we encourage each other to create, grow, learn and improve our art. It encourages me to reach out, challenge myself to go beyond my comfort level. There is no way to put a price tag on that. 

Why do you think it's important for Eclectix to be a part of Independence? I think beauty and art are an important part of any community. We give artists a gallery to exhibit their work and connect with other artists. When purchasing gifts or items for your home, the gallery sells unique, handmade items that have a “heart & soul,” not a mass-produced thing. Art is a perfect gift.   We are offering a variety of classes for children and adults. 2018 will see an increase in the diversity of classes. We are also offering birthday parties and private parties to just get together with friends and paint for fun. This is a venue for those who think they can’t create, to come and just have fun. We want to encourage children in art, offering classes and hope to work with schools for additional reinforcement for children’s art. There are a greater number of students that graduate from high school that have been involved in some form of creative art.  We want to be a fun place to come, meet with your friends, and bring your children for creative art classes. We hope you will think of the gallery when you need a gift or need an interior up-date with new, unique art or accessories.


What is your favorite thing to do when you aren't making art? My favorite thing is being with or talking with our daughter, family and friends. Also playing with Sophie, our Shih Tzu, walking in the Park and reading.

What other media do you enjoy besides acrylic and alcohol paints? I have enjoyed all mediums that I have worked with: alcohol inks, oil, acrylic and watercolor. Sometime I may try pastels.

What's your favorite color? Oh, this is a hard question. My favorite colors to decorate our home with are nature colors: brown, tan, gold, green and orange. My favorite colors to dress in are: blue, red, purple. My favorite colors to paint with are ANY colors I can get my hands on.

My paintings being me joy which I hope you experience also. It connects me with the Master Artist who creates all our beauty. To God be the glory.

Thank you for reading this month's Feature Artist article! Please enjoy the video below of Andrea working with alcohol inks and teacher others!


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